Comment Policy & Forum Rules

Thou Shalt:
1: Give praise or general thanks for posts of value to the blog, diary, or forum.
2: Share posts from the blog all over the Internet, as thou sees fittest to.
3: Reblog posts from the diary, as thou sees fittest to.
4: Use the forum to suggest books, music, film, telly, or other media items for review.
5: Use the contact form responsibly.

Thou Shalt Not
1. Use epithets, phrases, or terminology on the forum which may e perceived as sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism, nationalism, or privileging of one religion (or lack thereof) over another.
3: Use the comments to promote events, media, or merchandise. All user-generated adverts are to be on-topic for the Mod, Skinhead, and related communities, and are to be in the appropriate category on the forum.
4: Use the forum to promote an un-inclusive definition of the Mod subculture1, to harass or “haze” young people new to the subculture, or to talk crap about other fora.
5: Openly question administrative decisions in a manner felt to be inherently shaming, designed to cast doubt on sincerity, or otherwise poisonous to the well of good faith. While you are free to question administrative decisions, it is recommended to do so as unemotionally as possible, or perhaps take it to the contact form.

1: Yes, some things just aren’t Mod, but some things often dismissed as such were clearly born of the same ethos as that which is favoured by Mod scene purists.