Spot On Etsy: Swampie Style

Yeah, I realise I should’ve posted this one with last week’s Modcast, and I initially intended to, but I had another Treasury that’d been in Draft status for a couple weeks, and got a mite confused, as I don’t really sleep very well.

So this week’s Treasury is loosely based on what I’ve been able to learn of the Swampie scene –as I didn’t live in Oz in the 1980s, I’m not certain of everything, but I certainly have noticed some things in my attempts to learn about it.

This week’s new badges also include:

I also just noticed that I somehow didn’t link to the new Etsy Team, Mods & Skins, last week. As I said last week, if you join up, there’s a couon code in the Team-only threads for 20% off at my shoppe!

No treasury listings this week. :-(

And unfortunately, last month has so far been my worst month on sales this year —which is unusual, cos for the last three years, it’s been April that’s been the worst for the year. I didn’t even earn my six month average, last month, which makes it doubly unusual, and also makes me very paranoid about money, so I’m likely going to bug people about ideas for new bages more than I tend to.