And I really want to thank you for dancin’ til the end….

Not that this is the end of this blog, and likely not my last post here of 2013.

For reasons that should be brutally obvious to anyone who doesn’t believe (erroneously, mind) that Soul and R&B stopped being relevant to Mod after 1968, I just love Janelle Monaé and just as much as her music, I’m just fascinated by this retro-futurist ArchAndroid concept / mythology that she’s created with her first EP and two subsequent LPs, the most recent being The Electric Lady. In interviews, she’s said as much as the “android” in this series of (currently five) Suites, being a metaphor for the disenfranchised –people of colour, queers, women, the underclasses, and so on…. And to get the full experience of this, you really need to listen to her music, in its entirety, beginning to end, and watch the videos on YouTube, or as Monae says, you’re only cheating yourself.