Spot On Etsy: A Very British Phenomenon

This week’s treasury is “A Very British Phenomenon“. It’s a little cheesy, but I like a nice sharp cheese sometimes.

And if you’re looking for a relevant Team to join on Etsy, Mods & Trad Skins still remains the only such Etsy group. I figure if a few more people join up, there can be Treasury contests and challenges and what-not. Buyers as well as Sellers are welcome. :-)

And let’s not forget a shout-out to the following Treasury lists, for featuring some of my badges:

Spot On Etsy: Strawberry Wine

So, I had originally planned a treasury that’s been in my drafts for longer, titled “A Very British phenomenon”, but then Middleton had to go and take all my birthday Twitter attention away from me. So then I had half a mind to go into PhotoShop and crudely draw a crown over Kate Beaton’s “Shut Up About Babies” t-shirt, and have that be my “Spot On Etsy” for the day.

…but I’m over my urge to throw a tantrum, now, and I bring you this fine Etsy Treasury I’ve created, “Summer Wine”:

The following badges have also been added to my on shop:

…and badges from my shoppe have gotten nods in the following treasuries:

I also wanted to remind everyone that there are four copies of New Dance back in stock, AND, for the rest of this month, use the coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAYRUADHAN for 16% off all purchases of $3 or more (before shipping).

I also wanted to acknowledge that yes, i HAVE neglected the newsletter, but I’m transitioning it to monthly rather than fortnightly, and wanted to take some time to reconsider the format. It *should* be ready to start back up in August.

Spot On Etsy: Midsummer Night’s Scene

First off, I want to apologise for slacking off this last week and a half, especially, I’ve been sick. At first I thought it was just allergies, but it turns out I’ve also got what’s likely just a nasty case of viral sinuitis —worst case scenario, it’s mono, but the DO at the Sparrow Hospital Urgent Care clinic says it’s unlikely, and only a week/week-and-a-half is too soon for such a diagnosis.

So, I created a cute, summery-inspired Treasury on Etsy:

Obviously not closely linked with any of my characters from the stories, but I thought it was a cute assortment of items.

So new items this week:

One of my Biba badges also got added to this very lovely Treasury on Etsy:

Go check it out!


Since it’s my birthday this month, I was going to thank all ly lovelies with a coupon code:


Good on any purchase of US$3 or more, and gives a 16% discount ALL JULY!

Other shop updates:

I’ve redone some of the shop sections, mainly I’ve gotten rid of the “genre / subculture”-related sections, cos frankly, I mix n match so much, many bands have cross-over appeal, and honestly, trying to think of where to put some things made me feel like i was a seventeen-year-old who just discovered old school punk on the Internet and will now nit-pick everything to death in hopes of sounding smarter and more sophisticated than he is. I’ve passed the personal desire to do that sort of thing, well, let’s say some years ago. Anyway, the Etsy tag system does that just fine for me, so there’s no need for me to stick things in redundant sections.

I’ve also added a “Discontinued” section and am moving over there some things that have never gained much views, favourites, or sales, and discounting them. Now, there are some things that I’ll always keep, regardless of their apparent popularity (like anything related to the Compact Organisation label, or The Tubes) because why? I have much love for these musos and designs, and believe that if I believe in them, eventually others will, too. Anyway, the Compact stuff seems kind of popular in Japan, and while my Japanese orders aren’t as many as UK or French orders, they always come in batches, and the Japanese buyers seem to love the things no-one else loves as much.

I also finally seem to have happened upon the perfect dpi and dimensions for scanning badges, and it occurred to me that I might benefit from a watermark on my images, so over the next few weeks, depending on how my allergic symptoms can deal, I’m going to be re-scanning EVERYTHING, and watermarking it.

I’m also working on goodies to add to orders that will be low-cost to myself. I have a few Odd Mod Out badge designs, and am trying to figure out my options for stickers and a decent bookmark featuring a QR-code that has an excerpt from one of the forthcoming stories.

Lastly, hey, did you know I started a Team? An Etsy Team for both Buyers and Sellers? I’d really love to start monthly Treasury contests and such, so if you’re on Etsy, please join my team! :-)

[Spot On Etsy] Treasury: The Mod Stories – Dougan Hanvey

Etsy Treasury: The Mod Stories – Dougan Hanvey

Dougan is the second oldest of the characters in these stories (Born late June of 1955; Gaz is a few weeks older, he and his twin sister born May of ’55), and is the organ player and leader of The Street Urchins. He is the most serious musician, a bit of a board game geek and things not well represented here is his job as a bartender, and the fact that he’s the only one of the group who owns his own car. He was born out of wedlock to Jace’s seventeen-years-older sister about a year before Jace was born, and his father was never completely confirmed by his mother (for reasons), but is believed by himself and others to have been a dock worker from Barbados.

This week’s badges at the Odd Mod Shoppe:

heh heh.. Clockwork Orange Pulp….

There’s also a new Etsy Team, Mods & Trad Skins, where I hope to have monthly Treasury challenges and other events. As an incentive to join, there is a Private Thread on the Team containing a coupon code for 20% off any purchase of US$5.00 or more on my shoppe!

The following Treasuries also feature items from my shop!

Spot On Etsy Tuesday

So, to continue from last week, this week’s Spot On Etsy is featuring items that remind me of the character Gaz Donaghue. I’m going to admit, I find it a little bit harder to relate to Gaz than I do some of my other characters, but oh well.

il_570xN.355496674_4kmn Like the unnamed primary character from Absolute Beginners, Gaz is a photographer, but unlike our nameless narrator, Gaz also has a degree in journalism. I guess it’s just one of those ineffable things, but I thought Gaz would really like this old Brownie. You have to admit, they are rather cute and handy for snaps. I figure he uses something better for concert photos or fashion spreads for his fanzine, but this one’s nice.

il_570xN.339900076 I have long and detailed character profiles on all of my primary characters, and less-detailed profiles on secondary and tertiary characters. In those, I’ve listed Naked Lunch among Gaz’s favourite books. Also listed are Tom Wolfe’s The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby and London, City of Any Dream by Colin MacInnes with photography by Erwin Fieger. Feel free to read whatever into that you like.

il_570xN.299569579 This was just a lazy thing. They’re designed with a typewriter (or at least a font that looks like an old typewriter), and with the magazine, I dunno, I guess logically I figured he might eventually branch out to necessitating adspace? Like I said, hard for me to get into his head, but somehow I have the feeling these would work for him more than not.

il_570xN.434643846_79xo I honestly imagine Gaz with a desklamp that’s probably better suited to a bedside lamp. I mean, this is gorgeous, but when I searched for desklamps, and this came up, it somehow just made sense for Gaz, even though it makes no sense as a desklamp –bedside lamp, sure, but it’s got two sides with the light blocked, so why anyone would put this on their desk, I haven’t a clue.

il_570xN.402398433_pg3m What better way for a fanzine editor and cheif writer / photographer to tote around his notebooks and tape recorders (remember kids, this was 1982), than with a bag? The painting on the front is a little cute and kitschy, and I’m pretty sure it’s closer to a Vespa in design, while Gaz is a Lambretta man, but I can see him using this cos Nino or Alice got it for him.

il_570xN.418087732_7sze I honestly think that, for all the nonsense he puts up with there, Gaz might honestly love Belfast, and the city loves him back —might be part of the failure I have in connecting with this character, since —while the city fascinates me in an odd way, I’ve only been there once, and I found it harder to get to know than other cities I’ve lived in or visited. Again, I probably barely touch this part of Gaz’s character in the book, but this item is something I really “feel” for him.

il_570xN.335029310 British friends and readers –stop laughing. The main reason I put this here is cos it’s a Treasury to introduce the characters through items that make me, their creator, think of them. I searched for “twins” and this was one of the few things that wasn’t explicitly, like, a baby shower gift. I try and stay away from the tired “mystic twins” trope, cos that’s not how Gary and his sister Lillian are, at all, but I think it is important to their characters that they are twins. I really borked that up in Simple Man (though I have my reasons for that), and I barely touched that in New Dance, but I have forthcoming stories that stresses this.

il_570xN.430151445_f6ib Oh, I love these things. And you have to appreciate how the case contents are nearly complete. Again, just a camera that I think Gaz might’ve accumulated along with others, and I do plan on revisiting the notion of Gaz with a video camera and such projects that might necessitate one.

il_570xN.409831380_hnkk I had to be lazy here, cos I had the perfect item here in this spot, and I had to replace it, cos it sold in the few days between me creating the Treasury and me setting the Treasury live. No sense in putting up something that people can’t purchase, right? I’m not a sadist.

il_570xN.407253928_24hi If you were to ask me, I really don’t think that Gaz would have any more LP’s than this —which, to me, is just sad. I don’t even think he’d have this filled up. And I doubt he’d be able to stuff a case of 45s, either. For some reason, when I try to imagine Gaz’s music collection, I’m reminded of this old thread on the now-defunct ModCulture forum, wherein one of the people older than me once rambled on at length about how LPs were a waste of money, save perhaps for compilations.

il_570xN.379803562_kdnv There we go, that’s more to Gary’s speed –some 7’s on one side, the 12’s on the other, and a basic turntable on top. I know it’s a Reserved listing, but this struck me as something that’d be perfect for him. He makes rent working in a record shop, so maybe there’s just major burnout from looking at sides all day?

il_570xN.435786528_p7gq I still don’t know what it is about this one that strikes me for Gaz, but it does. It’s very easy for me to picture him in this re-reading Tom Wolfe while waiting for his friends to show up for coffee.

il_570xN.346546383 I really like this for Gaz, even if the record player might be a bit out of character, considering how reluctant he is toward acquiring more.

il_570xN.410147487_3ip2 Oh, such a beautiful old typewriter…. And really, what fanzine writer/editor would be caught without one? And more importantly, it’s a portable typewriter, to boot. He’s probably taken this to the coffeehouse many times (which only makes sense, as the laptop computer had yet to be invented).

il_570xN.351697287 I picked specifically this brand of typewriter ribbon because of the time Gaz spent in Michigan, so as a nod to that. I probably would’ve included any other typewriter ribbon, otherwise.

il_570xN.434018307_a4ym Gaz’s family are non-practising nominal Christians, barely even attending service on holidays. He went to an integrated school (which, on Eire, means “Catholics and Protestants together” —for those unaware), and his sister was a part of Catholic choirs. I picked this item, though, cos not only is Dymphna one of the Irish saints, She’s also the patron saint of runaways, which I allude to Gaz having problem of resorting to when he’s having problems.

So, since my last update, these badges have been added to my shop:

I’ve also had an item featured in the Treasury: Mr Atom

Spot On Etsy Tuesday!

So, for those of you who don’t diligently watch my Etsy updates, I’ve recently posted my novel, New Dance, to my shoppe, and in honour of this grand occasion, I’ve decided to make Treasury lists based on some of the more prominent characters in the book. So the first half of this is going to be my Etsy Treasury for Alice Reagan, with some commentary (more than Etsy lets me post), and the next half will be badges I’ve neglected to add since my last Spot On Etsy update.

il_570xN.411143997_qawi So, one thing that I edited out of the novel was a relatively unnecessarily lengthy half-chapter going into details about Alice’s history with wearing a beret, usually red. Since it’s been a while since I’ve read my own book, and that was one of the final omissions I made, I’m 90% sure that I at least mentioned she used to wear a red beret daily, whilst still at university. I still often imagine her wearing a beret a lot, but I also have mental images of her in a lot of “going out” attire, which involves a bouffant, not hair for wearing hats. Since I kept details about her brand of cigarettes wrapped in pink papers, and how her wardrobe is almost completely black, white, reds, and pinks, I thought she might have something like this for her beret days.

il_570xN.370969985_3dz2 In my mind, Alice has more catsuit-ish pieces than Emma Peele, or Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Which works on slim girls. I can actually see all these variations working on Alice and being things she’d have, or at least like to have, especially if you make some changes to the colours suggested in the illustration —even the hooded blouse, maybe in a geometric pattern of red and black with a red catsuit.

il_570xN.375318230_quly …and speaking of Aud in Funny Face! Probably my favourite Hepburn film. The scene at the café was a major influence on Alice’s character, as I was writing —that and Audrey as Holly Golightly, specifically in the scene where Holly is leaving the police station, her impeccable bouffant bunched up in back, large sunglasses, roomy jumper and slim capri trou, with this body language that says “oh, what fresh hell is this?” Alice is significantly mouthier, though.

il_570xN.381885840_smvi If Alice had a quote to live by, I think she’d pick this one. I really hope I put her optimism through well enough in the pages I allotted, cos I think she’s genuinely one of the happier and more optimist characters I’ve ever written. She puts up with a lot, her loved ones can stress her out like mad, she can be feisty and blunt if she thinks you can handle it, but she probably is the most faithful in human nature out of all of my published characters so far.

il_570xN.407270861_ojc1 Can’t properly do an Alice-themed Treasury without a few Bowie-related items (keep reading). Probably my favourite of Bowie’s looks / eras, in a stark pop-art style. If you have the CD I tend to give out with copies of New Dance at events, you probably noticed that Alice’s “theme song” I picked out was “DJ” from The Lodger. Another major influence on her character, and you can tell by how much I stress in the book that her skills as a DJ was integral to their favourite club’s success. In all the years I’ve been both attending and DJing at various nights, and with various themes, girl DJs have certainly become more common –but then, these are subculture nights– but according to some older friends, girl DJs in the early 1980s were still a bit of an oddity, and in the 1960s, practically unheard of. I still really think it works, with her character as the primary DJ at their club, even in 1982.

il_570xN.432820118_8ayl You know, I still have no idea why I thought to include this, other than the colours and pattern on the top of the case. I think it is definitely something her character would pick up at a charity shoppe or rummage sale, or maybe even decades later, after eBay happens, but honestly, I don’t see her as especially domestic, so she’d likely just pick it up cos it’s both functional and beautiful, and the lid of the box caught her eye.

il_570xN.378521795_e3pr Yes, I genuinely believe that Alice would have something like this in her wardrobe for extra-casual days; probably paired with slim jeans or leggings and a belt, since it looks quite long. Remember, this is not a “1960s Mod” story, this is a Mod Revival story featuring a lot of characters who actively don’t just wear things from charity shoppes that smell of moth balls, cos to them, that sort of misses the point of “Modernism” —why wear brittle old hand-me-downs when newer things exist, or can be created, that look just as nice or better? After all, while the 1960s Mod look certainly had influences from the 1920s (especially for the girls), it got updated, even though the influences are totally obvious.

il_570xN.399336664_bpkp I totally picture Alice wearing jumpers and blouses with skinny jeans with the 1980s high waists, cigarette-slim trou, capris…. She’s not really about skirts, has very few dresses, but looks just as clean and smart and sharp as any other girls at the clubs, arguably more so than most.

il_570xN.401362311_j8as I actually described Alice in something very much like this —and it’s made in England, no less! ;-) I probably would’ve put this higher up in the treasury if I’d found it earlier in my search for Alice items, but I swear, I described something similar to this, but when I saw this, it looked better for her.

il_570xN.435208709_sk42 Oh, who else had a mother with a cigarette purse? Alice smokes a lot, a fictional Belgian brand that I invented for the alternate reality that the stories are set in (yes, I Tarantino’d my own fictional brands and media, though with some overlaps with this reality); her brand, En Rose, are arranged in their packet so the papers around the tobacco alternate pink and red, and the filters have a silvery paper. The cigarette wraps also contain flint dust, so they pop with a glittered / sparkler effect as they burn (this is actually based on something an old friend of mine used to do, by rubbing the flintwheel bacwards on cheap disposable lighters to create a fine flint dust, then sprinkling a tiny bit of it along the edge of the wrap after rolling his own, before closing the seal). This is argueably the “girliest” thing about any given outfit she wears. It made sense to me that she might keep her fags in a shiny metallic mesh ciggie purse.

il_570xN.405747947_dwol I don’t recall mentionig Alice having any cigarette holders, but this looked like something she might pick up as a functional impulse buy, as with the hostess set. It’s cute without being overly cutesy, and I imagine that the roses might match the box design for En Rose.

il_570xN.111157603 I really do imagine Alice wearing this sort of necklace with a catsuit, or maybe a solid jumper with capris. This came up when I searched “David Bowie, pink” and the seller says it’s Ziggy-era influenced. I don’t really see that, but it’s got a cute minimalism to it, and Alice would see it as something tasteful to go with her simpler outfits.

il_570xN.361056510_39ei Alice purchased this simple print (or one just like it) and put it up in the DJ booth, in place of where Owain, the club’s owner, initially put a clock. She justified this, stating that people looking up at the booth don’t need to be reminded of the time, they need that on their way out of the lavvy. When they look up into the booth, they’re looking for a reason that they came here, and a reminder of what that big shiny floor is all about.

il_570xN.397875693_41no A woman who drinks as much strong, dark coffee as Alice Reagan cannot be satisfied with just a coffeehouse, even one that maintains an impressive Swedish Modern décor. So when she’s forced to have her strong French roast at home, she realises (as do all proper Mods ;-) that percolated coffee is nasty, and electric drip is only very slightly better, and even then, only when it’s fresh. Give the woman French Pressed, or give her… espresso.

il_570xN.377077210_dy2i I do make a point of describing Alice’s preferred shoe for dancing to be flats or ballet shoes —she’s not trained in ballet, but she finds a basic ballet shoe (read: NOT pointe shoes) with a split leather sole, much more sensible for dancing all night than some of the clunky heels or boots that the other girls wear. I don’t really think she’d wear ballet flats with the glittered stripes, but I thought they were cute, and they’re handmade, and they go with everything else in the treasury very nicely. Maybe she would have a pair like this, but just not wear them as much.

il_570xN.318565788 Lastly, the basic black catsuit. I really like the belt this is pictured with, too, and it’s very much something I picture Alice in, maybe with the pendant I picked, and a Capezio Jazz dance boot with split soles. Remember kids: Never wear stirrup leggings with footwear that can’t cover; the stirrup exists as part of the function, not the form, and the function is to keep the catsuit or leggings from riding up one’s leg and out of the boots, socks, or legwarmers with wear. I don’t care if you saw otherwise in some film, that’s cos the costumer was simple and didn’t understand basic style.

And this week’s badge updates:

These are in random order, and the Gallery form on the WordPress software won’t let me link everything individually, but as always, my shoppe is here.

I’ve also recently had items featured in the following Treasury lists:

So now that the weather’s getting better, hopefully I’ll be back to my regular schedule, and the annual seasonal depression is on a wane.

Spot On Etsy Tuesday

So, since the last time I did one of these (back in July), I’ve started updating Etsy on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I’m going to have to adjust the format, and I might change it around over the next month or so to something that makes a little more sense to me. I’m not going to lie, at least as much as this feature is about showing off other neat things I find on Etsy, it’s about featuring my own top-quality crap.

Other changes to the shoppe (aside from the MASSIVE postal cost increase for International sales, which I do feel bad about, but my hands are tied) are that, after looking through my feedback, I noticed a “neutral” comment from some-one who apparently didn’t realise how small one inch diameter was, so I’ve included a photo with all badge listings of a scan of a badge next to a 20p coin and a US 25¢ coin (apologies to Japanese buyers, but I don’t have a comparable size coin from Japan —if some-one would like to send me one, though, that would be pretty nifty).


So, the badges I added to my shoppe this week are The Blue Ox Babes and Compact Organisation.

I’ve also had items listed in the following Treasuries this month:

il_570xN.389672967_c12lTransparent Ghost Bag no2

I love this transparent bag a lot –and very mid-to-late 1960s. At first, I didn’t think I liked the backpack style, but the more I look at it that way, I think I like it about as much as the shoulderbag / messenger style.

I’ve always liked these clear bags, but they never caught on for the obvious reason: No privacy! And think about it, as much as ladies all have pretty much the same things in their bags, the illusion of privacy is nice. So I think calling this an unisex bag, as the seller has can even it out —as long as enough men don’t care that he’s only used a female model.

il_570xN.110368686 Alla Kinda flipbook pack vol1

Cute flipbooks with an early-mid 1960s aesthetic from a Spanish artist. They’ve included a demo here.

They’re cute, and really nicely done. A bit pricey, but a single is $17, so as a four pack, you’re saving $5.

il_570xN.421582209_ewh3 red VALENTINE typewriter OLIVETTI with case

This vintage portable typewriter is GORGEOUS. I was initially pulled over to the Dutch Details shop over their beautiful geometric op-art textile patterns, but this typewriter is just too beautiful not to show off here. Lots of other beautiful things at that shop, too, including these beautiful Christian Dior display heads.

il_570xN.420081873_ry7y Herman Miller Verner Panton original bright orange S chair

I love this chair. I wish I had a pair for the breakfast corner in my front room, I really do. I was originally planning the front room decorated in cappuccino and toffee, but I could change it up a tad to decorate around this.

As an added bonus, the seller offers free shipping in the States, and he’s only in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is just an hour and some from me.

il_570xN.386071195_5w24 The Warhol Collection – 6 piece mineral eyeshadow set

Bad Bitch Cosmetics makes organic, vegan-friendly cosmetics made by Etsy maven, Regina. Her Warhol Collection is inspired by Warhol’s femme superstars, Candy Darling, Edie Sedgewick, Holly Woodlawn, Jackie Curtis, Viva, and Ultra Violet.

il_570xN.175866672 Phrenology Helmet

For bicyclists and people with small scooters, this helmet with a phrenology chart is fab. I love it, anyway. Then again, the bumps on my head said that I would.

I see no indication that it’s safe for the larger scooters, but if you think it’ll be safe enough, who’m I to stop you? At that price, it should be, but the one pictured is all wiffled, so hell if I know.

il_570xN.225648150 Monarch Butterfly Wing – glass pendant

It’s sad that a butterfly had to die for this, but it’s still beautiful all the same. Naturally very beautiful and would go great with a simple, solid black or orange dress.

Big in Japan!

I’ve been very giddy the last few days, cos in under two weeks, I’ve had several large orders for my badges, via Etsy, and they’ve been from Japan. All from the greater Tokyo metro-area, with a slight concentration in the Shibuya district. At least two buyers even look like they hadn’t yet signed up for Etsy until the day they bought some of my badges. :-D

The Japanese are like the Ancient Romans of the Far East — speaking as an outsider of Japanese culture, there seems to be this philosophy amongst the Japanese of “find what works for other societies, and do it best; find what you yourself love, and do it best”. I kind of noticed this back when I was in third and fourth grade, and all the Japanese cars were fuel efficient and the US automakers were on a downward spiral due to the then-still-present use of engine designs that hadn’t been really updated since 1940, when petrol was 10¢ a gallon —even without a fuel crisis, think about it for more than a few seconds, and realise which makes more sense: A car that can go 5 miles per gallon of petrol, or one that can go 10 or 15 miles whilst still maintaining a comparable hauling capacity. But hey, good ol’ Amerikan Hindsight —works every time!

But I digress….

So, when Mod and Mod Revivals hit Japan, the philosophy seems to remain the same as with how all the rest of Japanese culture seems to us white devils: Look to the source, and do it better.

And they do.

Mods from Japan, a few of whom I’ve actually met at the formerly annual Chicago weekender, are consistently the sharpest, sleekest, and most knowledged of any mixed group of Modernists, and if I thought I looked a tad shabby amongst other occidentals, I always feel like I’m wearing a trash bag when placed next to a Mod Nihonjin who might, in comparison to the others visiting from Kanagawa, seem a tad shabby. Yeah, I know, I’m probably holding the scene in Japan to an unfair standard, with this generalisation, but this is also something that is clearly measurable, when comparing cultures.

Needless to say, I’m flattered. I’m incredibly flattered, and just about everybody I know and have shared this with understands why. The most flattering to me, though, is how much the Japanese buyers seem to love the more “obscure” musos I’ll have represented on my badges. I think this was the first time in about five years I’ve sold one of the pink Mari Wilson badges, and it’s been a while for Television Personalities and The Boys Next Door (though the latter gets a lot of Favourites).

Maybe not this obscure?

As an added bonus, I was kind of in a slump about new designs to make, half hoping I could just ride out what I have for a while. At my current pace for updating Etsy, I might have enough new designs to last my shop until June, and I’m also hoping to update three times a week, starting this summer.

Before I go, just wanted to also let everybody know that I’ve got a 15% off coupon running until the end of February. The postage rate was raised again, so I figured that since this means I have to raise my own postage rates on my store, I might as well take the edge off, a little bit.

Spot On Etsy Tuesday

My new badge this week is for the kind of weird guy who goes over people’s heads.

oh god,
am I so much more sensitive than everybody else ?
do I feel things so much more acutely than them,
and understand so much more.
I bet I’m the first person who’s ever felt as rotten as this.
could it be
that I’m going to grow up
to be a great poet and thinker, and all those other wankers in my class
are going to have to work in factories or go on the dole?
yes, I think it could.

This Lenox porcelain suite is just stunning. Hrmm… I seem to say that a lot about things…. Well, this time it’s especially true. I’d suggest the design is sort of a fusion of Art Deco and Art Nouveau —far too fluid to be true to Deco form, but not quite flourished enough to be true to Art Nouveay form.

These Cesar Stoffi-designed candlesticks are an Atompunk must-have! Or even Dieselpunk, they do sort of look a bit gearish.

And speaking of Atomic-age looks, i have to agree with the seller that this button does have something of an Atompunk look / feel to it. And such a lovely shade of blue; compliments the brasstone beautifully.

And speaking of lovely shades of blue, these earrings, made from beetle wings, and are simply gorgeous in their simple design. Also, the seller is based in my native city. :-D

Well, I’m kind of feeling a tad overwhelmed looking for stuff to post this week, but I think next week is going to be a theme of one of my (p)Etsy peeves.

Fundraising for a circle punch

In case you haven’t noticed the widget in the sidebar (or the updates to the FB and G+ pages), I’m running a fund-raiser so that I can get a circle punch for my badger business. If I raise excess of the $200 minimum needed, it’s probably going to go to immediate needs for the house (late bills, food for pets, getting one of the stray cats fixed), but I assure you that, unless some crazy people on FetLife or something really want me to, I’m not going to withdraw it in gold dollars and roll around on it.

My Indie Go-Go campaign page is here. I’ve also added a $10 “perk”, so if you give me $10, I’ll grab some badges from my stock (mostly things on Etsy I have extras of, or can make more of) and send you a mix of things.

The faster I can get a circle punch, the faster I can go back to doing custom bulk orders for bands, shops, DJs, bloggers, etc…. It really didn’t occur to me how badly this inability to do bulk orders was hurting me until a few months ago. The circle punch I’ve found is lever-operated, so absolutely no strain on the nerves in my wrist! :-D It’s also MUCH less expensive than it used to be (seven years ago, when I got all of my badge-making equipment, this thing was about $300! and that’s twice what I paid for my press). The optional pop-up accessory is also from the same seller, and should give less strain to my wrist. I chose “Flexible funding” so that I’ll get any amount given (save for Indie Go Go fees), and If I don’t make the $200 minimum I’m hoping for, hopefully I’ll be able to make up the difference on my own.