[Modcast 2013-10-14] Songs Without Moustaches


Lee Hazlewood – “You Look Like a Lady”
Tom Jones – “Stop Breakin’ My Heart”
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Gold Rush Part 1 / Dollars In the Night / Gold Rush Part 2″
Thee Mighty Caesars – “69 Seconds”
Television Personalities – “I Was a Mod Before You Was a Mod”
Otis Spann – “I’m Ready”
Liz Brady – “Palladium”
Cal Tjader – “Soul Motion”
The Ups and Downs – “In the Shadows”
The Jetset – “The Man Who Lives Upstairs”
Long Tall Shorty – “Falling For You”
Neils Children – “Get Away From Me, Now”
The Chantalles – “I Want That Boy”
Booker T & the MG’s – “Hang ‘Em High”
Manual Scan – “New Difference”
Makin’ Time = “Honey (Fast version)”
Jacques Dutronc – “les Cactus”
Style Council – “The Whole Point of No Return”
Tom Waits – “More Than Rain”

I know what you’re thinking and nope, sorry, Hazlewood released the album that one is on after demoustaching. I know, I know, it seems wrong to me, too, Lee hazlewood without a mustache, but it happened and we don’t talk about it.

While I have you here, today only, I have a coupon code for my Etsy shop. In theory, it’s a Tumblr exclusive, but this gets cross-posted to there, anyway, so go check it out. ☺

[Modcast 2013-10-07] Music to Protect Your Drag Clothes from Your Cat To


John Cooper Clarke – “Midnight Sun”
Makin’ Time – “I’m Not Really a Welder”
The Moodists – “Where the Trees Walk Downhill”
Graduate – “Elvis Should Play Ska”
Department S – “Somewhere Between Heaven and Tesco’s”
The Headcoatees – “True To You”
Franz Ferdinand – “Tell Her Tonight (in German)”
Broder Daniel – “Lovesick”
United Future Organisation – “Fool’s Paradise”
The Prisoners – “Say Your Prayers”
The Real Kids – “She’s Alright”
The Pretty Things – “Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut”
Rousers – “Face Toward the wall”
Powder – “I Try”
Purple Hearts – “Restless Dream Recurring”
Mick Harvey – “The Ticket Puncher”
The Fall – “Jawbone and the Air-Rifle”
The Go-Betweens – “People Say”
Tom Waits – “The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me”

DJ RJ’s Monday Modcast for 10 June 2013: Free Form Music for the Mod Inclined


Flipper’s Guitar – “The World Tower/Hidden tracks”
Judy Mowatt – “I Shall Sing”
Beat Merchants – “So Fine”
Television Personalities – “Silly Girl”
The Nips – “Gabrielle”
The Cigarettes – “Miranda”
The Weekends – “Want You”
Sandie Shaw – “Nothing Comes Easy”
Maxine Darren – “How Can I Hide It From My Heart?”
The Raped – “Cheap Night Out”
Secret Affair – “Time For Action”
The Zombies – “She’s Not There”
Otis Spann – “I’m Ready”
PJ Harvey – “The Piano”
Les Twins – “Je Suis Timide”
Department S – “Just Pretend”
The Moodists – “Swingy George”
Baris Manço & Kaygisizlar – “Trip (Fairground)”
Dave Berry – “Picture Me Gone”

[2013-05-13] Modcast: Mostly Instrumental


The Creatures – “Standing There”
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – “Mission Impossible 2.0″
Lydia Lunch – “A Cruise to the Moon”
Rip Rig + Panic – “Warm To the If in Life”
Booker T & the MG’s – “Melting Pot”
Flipper’s Guitar – “Big Bad Bingo”
The Kinks – “Animal Farm”
The Easybeats – “All Gone Boy (alternate mix)”
Lorraine Silver – “Happy Faces”
Holly Golightly – “Too Late Now”
Mick Harvey & Anita Lane – “Who’s ‘In’, Who’s ‘Out'”

Yep, it’s longer than what I’ve been shooting for, lately. Consider it an extra treat. :-)

[2013-03-04] Modcast


Anita Lane – “The Next Man That I See” (2001, Sex O’Clock)
Holly Golightly – “Hold On” (1998, The Good Things)
Giddle Partridge – “Gringo Like Me” (2012, ReverbNation)
Nancy & Lee – “Paris Summer” (1989, Fairy Tales & Fantasies, the Best of Nancy & Lee)
The Kinks – “Wicked Anabella” (1968, Village Green Preservation Society)
The Passengers with Angie Pepper – “Face With No Name” (1979, The Passengers)
The Photos – “Maxine” (1981?, The Photos)
Dee Walker – “Dial ‘L’ for Love” (1985, Dial “L” for Love)
Cilla Black – “Shy of Love” (1997, The Abbey Road Decade 1963-1973)
Cat Stevens – “Here Comes My Wife” (1989, First Cuts)

Hoping you’ve guessed this week’s hastily cobbled-together theme. In case you need some help, let’s watch:

[2001-06-20] More Downtempo & Covers

Well, once again, it’s been several weeks since I’ve uploaded anything to here, and while I feel like offering an explanation, I can’t really think of anything beyond “INTERNET, LET ME TELL YOU — IT IS *HARD* TO THINK OF DIFFERENT MUSIC TO PLAY EVERY WEEK!!” Especially when my audience is apparently a tiny one — some may think that makes it easier, but when I don’t have a regular influx of ideas of new stuff to play, you’re basically going to get a lot of David Bowie, Japan, Secret Affair, The Fall, English Baroque, and Power Pop with a pretty regular rotation of Pizzicato 5. Left to my own devices, I’d probably have a Mod night of just The Berlin Trilogy, and the Glory Boys, I Am Kurius Oranj, and Big Hits & Jet Lag albums — and I am dead serious.

Mari Wilson & the Wilsations – Beat the Beat
The Monochrome Set – Lester Leaps In
Les Cappuccino – Bande a Part
Nouvelle Vague – Too Drunk to Fuck
Television Personalities – Makin’ Time
Biff Bang Pow! – There Must Be a Better Life
Pizzicato 5 – Summertime Summertime
Variety Lab – London In the Rain
Angie Bowie – I Just Wanna Have Something to Do (Mambo Mix)
Sandie Shaw – A Girl Called Johnny
Brian Auger & the Trinity w/ Julie Driscoll – Light My Fire
Flaming Stars – You Don’t Always Want What You Get
Fun Boy Three – Our Lips Are Sealed
Hollywood Mon Amour (featuring Skye) – A View To a Kill
The Smiths – Oscilate Wildly
Gene – I Say a Little Prayer

[2011-03-28] Downtempo and Covers

I’ve been dragging my arse lately. It’s convenient to blame The S.A.D., how annoying this keyboard is, how cold my new room is, but that doesn’t get this done. I barely have this house unpacked to a manageable level, and I’m already planning a garden for both the front and back.

I’m also going to heartily point to my Tip Jar button, cos my projects cost me money. These are all pretty much labours of love, and so every little bit one can donate toward it all is a big help.


The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning
Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Poir Moi
Elton Motello – Jet Boy, Jet Girl
Hollywood Mon Amour – Call Me
Silicon Teens – you Really Got Me
the Noisettes – Ever Fallen In Love
Flamin’ Groovies – Paint It Black
Love & Rockets – Holiday On the Moon
Nouvelle Vague – Movement of Fear
Fun Boy Three – Our Lips Are Sealed
Marianne Faithful – Working Class Hero
Andi Sexgang – Broken English
Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst)
Japan – Don’t Rain On My Parade

2009-08-24… wait a second….

OK, yes, I know I was going to post this yesterday, but eh, shit comes up. Actually, yesterday, I spent most of the day stressing out and goofing off to try and relieve some stress, and I didn’t even give the cats their wet food, cos that was just one more stressor in my life, and as much as i love doing this, so is this podcast.

Why so stressed? Because I’m having a book signing for my second novel (the first in what I’m calling “The Mod Stories”), and I’m just anticipating nothing going right. Why? It so rarely does. I mean, already, I can tell I’m in for a real doozy, cos only today, did Lindsay tell me that my name has been added to the poster 9and this event has been secured since January, and was supposed to happen in July, but hey, last minute scheduling conflicts are like the Father Dougal to my Father Ted).

That said, if you’re stuck in or (gods forbid) plan to be in the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti, Michigan (U$A), area this Thursday, 27 August 2009, then come down to (or rather up to) The Heidelberg Club Above for Direct Hits, the area’s only Mod / Trad Skin / Retro night — in fact, it’s the only one I know of until you get to either Chicago or New York City. This month, the Big Event is “Bomb Pop Boutique” and will feature a gallery of local artists, a mini fashion show from The GetUp Vintage Clothing on State Street in Ann Arbor, and yours truly, hawking his second novel and selling his top-quality crap. All copies of the novel will come with a CD-R of next week’s Modcast (most of which I consider to be “themes” for various characters), a set of buttons for the novel, and a hand-written coupon for $4 off my first novel (e-mail me for details).


The Tabe-beatles – All’s Right With the World
Nouvelle Vague – Come On Eileen
Brian Auger Trinity – In & Out
Mari Wilson – Beat the Beat
Prince – I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
The Singles – The Most Beautiful Girl
B-52s – Strobe Light
Art Brut – Direct Hit
The Chesterfield Kings – Outside Chance
Revillos – Voodoo
The Love Me Nots – Dark City
Van Morrison – Ro Ro Rosey
The Jam – English Rose
Style Council – Long Hot Summer (Club Mix)

2009-08-17 — Ruadhan J McElroy: Wayward Ex-Goth

Well, monkeys (all three of you listening to this), I’ve got a new computer finally settled in, and so the Modcast is back, and to commerate this fact — and the fact that I’m now updating this on Mondays — I’ve made today’s cast a theme!  Whoo!

Yes, I’ve thrown mood and beatmatching out the window (and I say this as if I ever gave a shit before), to play some of my favourite spooky Mod (and Mod Friendly) songs and Goth covers of Mod (and Mod-friendly) songs, and a few punk covers thrown in, (cos I don’t even give a shit about the theme here) and whatever the hell Shakespeare’s Sister and Strawberry Switchblade are (cos I bloody well felt like it), cos damnit, I have all this music, and you’re just as bored as I am, so you’re going to give it a listen now, aren’t you?  Aren’t you?


Shakespeare’s Sister – “Black Sky”
Velvet Underground – “Beginning to See the Light”
Nico – “Roses In the Snow”
The Fall – “Mod Mock Goth”
Slade – “Raven”
Strawberry Switchblade – “Ecstasy (Apple of My Eye)”
The Zombies – “Time Of the Season”
Christine Pilzer – “Dracula”
The Vampires – “My Girl”
Sisters of Mercy – “1969”
Gina X Performance – “Harley Davidson”
Siouxie & the Banshees – “This Wheel’s On Fire”
Bauhaus – “Telegram Sam”
Patti Smith – “My Generation”
Jayne County – “Come On Down to My Boat Baby”
Nashville Pussy – “First I Look At the Purse”
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard – “Some Velvet Morning”
The Who – “Boris the Spider”

And before the off-chance that anybody comments, YES, I realise that I don’t have “Paint It Black” on there, because I only have it on vinyl, I am not wheeling my record player into my studio, slsk is not cooperating, and I’m impatient — so there you go.