Upcoming reviews for the Modernist Library

I’ve been getting quite a few books (maybe about half of which are graphic novels) backed up on my reading list, and with a few exceptions, I want to get to them before I get any more books –DVDs and records are another story. So (in no particular order), I will be reading and reviewing in the upcoming weeks:

Clugston, Chynna — Blue Monday vol 2: Absolute Beginners
Clugston, Chynna — Blue Monday vol 3: Inbetween Days
Clugston, Chynna — Blue Monday vol 4: Painted Moon
Douglas, Norman — Venus in the Kitchen
Fitzgerald, F Scott — The Great Gatsby (a re-read since, damn, high school, at least)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott – Tender Is the Night
Fitzgerald, F Scott – This Side of Paradise
Fitzgerald – The Beautiful & the Damned
Fitzgerald, F Scott – The Collected Short Stories of
Rich, Jamie S. — The Everlasting
Rich, Jamie S. — Cut My Hair
Rich, Jamie S. — Have You Seen The Horizon Lately?
Rich, Jamie S. — Love the Way You Love vol 1
Rich, Jamie S — Love the way You Love vol 2
Gillen & McKelvie — Phonogram 1: Rue Britannia
Gillen & McKelvie — Phonogram 2: The Singles Club
Spencer, Gane & Stewart –The Vinyl Underground 1: Watching the Detectives
Spencer, Gane & Kelly –The Vinyl Underground 2: Pretty Dead Things
Wilde, Oscar — The Picture of Dorian Grey (Yes, I’ve already read this, but haven’t re-read it for at least seven years)
Wilde, Edginton & Culbard — The Picture of Dorian Grey: A Graphic Novel
Jonsson, Matts — Hey Princess
Brite, P.Z. — Plastic Jesus
MacInnes, Colin — Absolute Beginners (yes, another re-read)
MacInnes, Colin — Mr Love & Justice
MacInnes, Colin — England, Half English
MacInnes & Fieger — London: City of Any Dream
Priestley, J. B. — It’s An Old Country
Unsworth, Cathi — Bad Penny Blues
Reed, Jeremy — Here Come the Nice
Reed, Jeremy — King of Carnaby Street: A Life of John Stephen
Buhle, Paul — The Beats: A Graphic History
Kray, Ron — My Story
The Krays (Reg & Ronald) — Our Story
Hulanicki – From A to Biba: The Autobiography of Barbara Hulanicki
Ross, Geoffrey Aquilana – Day of the Peacock: Style for Men 1963-1973
Banis, Victor J. — The Why Not
Home, Stewart — Tainted Love

And after that, maybe get on to a summer of Camus? Other things I hope to eventually include are my Jarman books (I basically have all of them, if you don’t count his published film scripts), Quentin Crisp, the Nureyev biography I have, some Tom Wolfe, Warhol, …..