[Modcast 2013-10-14] Songs Without Moustaches


Lee Hazlewood – “You Look Like a Lady”
Tom Jones – “Stop Breakin’ My Heart”
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Gold Rush Part 1 / Dollars In the Night / Gold Rush Part 2″
Thee Mighty Caesars – “69 Seconds”
Television Personalities – “I Was a Mod Before You Was a Mod”
Otis Spann – “I’m Ready”
Liz Brady – “Palladium”
Cal Tjader – “Soul Motion”
The Ups and Downs – “In the Shadows”
The Jetset – “The Man Who Lives Upstairs”
Long Tall Shorty – “Falling For You”
Neils Children – “Get Away From Me, Now”
The Chantalles – “I Want That Boy”
Booker T & the MG’s – “Hang ‘Em High”
Manual Scan – “New Difference”
Makin’ Time = “Honey (Fast version)”
Jacques Dutronc – “les Cactus”
Style Council – “The Whole Point of No Return”
Tom Waits – “More Than Rain”

I know what you’re thinking and nope, sorry, Hazlewood released the album that one is on after demoustaching. I know, I know, it seems wrong to me, too, Lee hazlewood without a mustache, but it happened and we don’t talk about it.

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[2009-12-28] A Taste of Garage

I’ve been shaking a cold and too congested to even think until earlier today. OK, I may have been coherent enough to draw penises, but if you’re a personal friend of mine, that makes total sense to you.

Hre’s this week’s set list, and tomorrow, i am heading down to Direct Hits for New Year’s Eve — where I will not be DJin or selling top-quality crap, but will instead be drinking of top-quality booze and wondering why more Mod men don’t at least admit that they’re bisexual (as I am often fated to wonder; but hey, it’s better than going to the “gay night” and being hit on by lesbians and The Straight Guy Hunting Down a “Cute Lesbian” for his “Curious” Girlfriend).

right-click (on a PC) or double-click (on a Mac) to download

France Gall – Jazz A Go Go
Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone
John’s Children – Come And Play With Me In the Garden
Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
The Creation – Biff Bang Pow!
The Prisoners – A Taste of Pink
Radio Birdman – Burn My Eye
The Loons – Getting Better
The King Kongs – Leave Me Alone
The Love Me Nots – Heart On a Chain
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Deanna
DMZ – Rosalyn
Jefferson Airplane – Tobacco Road
The Solarflares – Hold On
Sharon Tandy – Daughter of the Sun
The Lipstick Killers – Hindu Gods of Love
Jayne County – I’m In Love With Dusty Springfield
Gate Ball – You Really Got Me

Modcast Archive: Direct Hits setlist for 2008-06-10

I really don’t want to upload this as it is, but I cheated both listeners out on a Wednesday cast last week, and I don’t want to pull that shit again this week.

Now, not all of my stuff on LP is backed-up / duplicated on mp3 — in fact, most of it is not. Hell, most of my CD’s aren’t simply because I don’t have the space. Four songs from my June 10th, 2008 set at Direct Hits are songs I currently have on vinyl only — in fact, three of them, I thought I had on mp3, but it turned out that I didn’t, and the only reason I didn’t just download them is because I had a huge crisis last night that was more important than hunting down four songs on slsk.


(v) ≠ “vagina”; (v) = song I currently only have on vinyl
(r) = request

The Spiders – Why Don’t you Love Me?*
The Bureau – Only For Sheep
(v) Tina Turner – The Acid Queen
(v) The Rolling Stones – Route 66
Makin’ Time – Two Coins For the Ferryman
(r) Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
Twiggy – When I Think of You
Nino Ferrer – Alexandre
Les Cappuccino – les Filles Madison
Sharon Tandy – Daughter of the Sun
Dexys Midnight Runners – Breakin’ Down the Walls of Heartache
Eleanor Rigby – I Want to Sleep With You
(v) The Kinks – Well-Respected Man
Mod Fun – 99th Floor
(v)David Bowie – Ching-A-Ling
Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll – Wheel’s On Fire
Arthur Brown – Fire

*U$ group, not the Japanese group