Modcast for 20 May 2013

Hey! Back up to two weeks in a row —seasonal depression is a cruel and merciless mistress, and even more so in Michigan, where any given year, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the Horae will just skip Spring altogether. But I’m back, serving you up another weekly dose of freeform Mod radio from my attic.


The Supremes – “Reflections”
? & the Mysterians – “Hangin On a String”
Gloria Jones – “Finders Keepers”
The Untamed – “Gimmie Gimmie Some Shade”
Amy Rigby – “20 Questions”
Timebox – “Country Dan & City Lil”
The Cyrkle – “Squeeze Play”
Tyrannosaurus Rex – “Cat Black”
Joya Landis – “Angel of the Morning”
The Laughing Clowns – “Year of the Bloated Goat”
The VIP’s – “Straight Down to the Bottom”
Manuela und Drafi – “Take It Easy”
Pizzicato 5 – “Magic Twin Candle Tale”
Elton Motello – “Pipe Line”
The New Hearts – “True Love”
The Prisoners – “The Last Thing On Your Mind”

Four Days to Bolanalia!

Sannion and Ekklesía Antínoou have their hero cults, and I have mine: Thus begins the Bolanalia! A fifteen day period wherein the life, death, and what I will assume is the rebirth via apotheosis of Marc Bolan, known to my friends since the first year-and-a-half of my blogging days on the LiveJournal (about eleven years now), as the King of Hobbit Rock.

The older I get, the more I see this physically tiny man, who was a giant in talent, as some sort of hemitheos.

So Marc your calendars, fair Erotics of the Internet! The Bolanalia runs from 16 September to 30 September, and you shouldn’t miss it! Every day of the Bolanalia, I will make at least one post sharing info on the life, work, and legacy of Marc Bolan, and also separate posts with music and / or video.

[2010-03-22] Downtown in the Big City and Back Again

I’ve wanted to do a set like this for a while, but since I decided to use this podcast blog less as a “proper DJ blog” and more as a concept and form of self-expression, it’s been hard to think of times when I might be able to make a post such as this one. It’s no secret to my friends that I love big cities. Seriouslky, Philadelphia, while a gorgeous city, still feels too small to me. Even Chicago, with just short of 3milion, is probably the smallest city I’ve been happy with — London, on the other hand, city of my adolescent summers, not only has its nostalgic values for my life (where I first say RHPS, first got drunk, learned how to drive, etc…), but it has an urban population of nearly 8.25million and has this immaculate filthiness that has entranced people for generations.

But not every song can be about London, nor does every song have to have ties to a specific city.

And why? No, not “why can’t every song be about London?” The question is “why, Ruadhan, do you pick this of all weeks?” Because it seems that at my appointment with my allergist on Friday, March 19th, I was determined to be officially allergic to wilderness. All common grasses and half common tree pollens and weeds. And considering that my spirituality is even linked to large cities, my room-mate felt it appropriate to make the joke “this is some deity making a claim on you — because you can’t ever do anything simply by asking you to, you have to be given a reason”. Even ignoring the spiritual gratification, an allergy to wilderness not only explains elevated mood and feelings of wellness, but also the sometime-dramatic weight-loss I’ve experienced in long-term stays (two weeks or longer) in large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, London, HK…. Hell, even Toledo, Ohio. Granted, city-prompted weight-loss is no doubt accelerated by the fact that the public transportation is better, and it’s easier to get to what I need and want to do just by walking, but personally, increasing mobility in rural and suburban areas has, for me, not done a whole lot for weight management on its own (and ask my smart-ass room-mate, I don’t eat that much; often enough, the “recommended serving size” on the package has proved itself too filling for me)

But don’t take this as me saying to pave the rainforests — after all, city air has to start as fresh air somewhere, and the grasslands are inefficient for oxygen production, as they’re where food is gestated before arriving in my grocery store, free of pollens and wrapped in cling-film. It’s all a splendiferous chain with connected ends, never ending, always turning in the hands of gods and daimons.

[right-click here to download or paste into your player

Leonard Cohen – Stories of the Street
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – Paris Summer
The Who – Armenia City In the Sky
Petula Clark – Downtown
Roxy Music – Streetlife
Cat Stevens – Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)
The Monochrome Set – I Love Lambeth
David Bowie – London Bye Ta-Ta
T Rex – London Boys
The Inmates – Dirty Water
The Artwoods – Big City
The Lambrettas – London Calling
Manual Scan – Man About Town
Secret Affair – Soho Strut
The Jam – Town Called Malice
The Selecter – Bristol & Miami
Eleanor Rigby – Last Night In Soho
Madness – Razor Blade Alley
Giddle & Boyd – Sunset Strip SS

[2010-03-08] Idols

I like when I have a theme, and yesterday, I came up with a great theme — my idols. By that, i mean the musicians who have shaped my life and my creative process in certain ways that I can see, even when others can’t.

This, of course, implies “favourite artists of all time, ever”, but doesn’t necessarily imply “current top-X favourites” — nor does it imply that these are my favourite songs by these artists, as concern for time (I try to keep these casts under an hour) and flow/matching (not necessarily “beatmatching” — I’m also sure those of you who are well up on your muso trivia as I am have caught that I’ll make little in-jokes with song order, some jokes more obvious than others, I’m sure). For example, I tend not to listen to so much Queen these days, as I can get fairly weepy (having your favourite person in the world die when you’re ten can affect you), and even so, I rarely listen to “God Save the Queen” — but making it a closer to an opening of “Star-Spangled Bologna” just struck me as incredibly amusing.

[right-click here to download]

The Evolution Control Committee – The Star Spangled Bologna
Marc Bolan – Dandy In the Underworld
Daucus Karota – Raw Power
Iggy & The Stooges – Gimmie Danger
Gavin Friday – Man of Misfortune
DEVO – Be Stiff
Dexys Midnight Runners – Soul Finger
Rufus Wainwright – Greek Song
Danielle Dax – Fizzing Human Bomb
Japan – Talking Drum
The Who – Armenia City In the Sky
Cat Stevens – Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)
David Bowie – London Bye Ta-Ta
Secret Affair – Only Madmen Laugh
Prince & the Revolution – America
Marc Almond – Brilliant Creatures
Queen – God Save the Queen

[2010-03-01] Music to Scrub Your Kitchen To

Don’t judge me! You have no right to judge me!

I will argue this in the simplest way possible — it is well-established among people who study these things that suedeheads listened to glam rock, Slade was at one time promoted as a Skinhead band, and anybody who fails to see the musical evolution from The Who’s “My Generation” to Vox Pop’s “Just Like Your Mom” is only fooling themselves.

That said, is there anything better to scrub down a kitchen during the waning of your annual winter depression than Glam & Punk Rock? No, no, there really isn’t. You can try and argue with me, but you’ll be wrong. How do i know? It’s my podcast, and I said so. So :-p

Be glad I didn’t break out the Guns N’ Roses this week (as I could have easily reasoned their inclusion in this week’s cast — I’ve already included The Germs and Vox Pop, and Vox Pop included Don Bolles’ then-girlfriend Mary “Dinah Cancar” Simms, who not only briefly dated Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, but who is also included in the thank-yous on Appetite For Destruction, along with her and Bolles’ later band, 45 Grave), and be glad I spared you the Rozz Williams (which I have been listening to a lot of this week, for some reason I can’t figure out — and who’s music I’d be able to reason into here not only because 45 Grave gets on nod on Christian Death’s first album, only Theatre of Pain, but also because Don Bolles is featured in the last known photo taken of Rozz Williams), and be glad I spared you This Is Where the Fish Lives (which is my own noise project, and which I would have reasoned into this by pointing out that I once slept on Don Bolles’ couch) — no, this is punk rock and glam at its … well, maybe not at its finest, but at its loudest, its most enthusiastic, and its least intelligent, or (as much as I love Marc Bolan) at least its least comprehensible.

[click this link to download]

Slade – Get Down, Get With It
MC5 – Kick Out the Jams
The Stooges – T.V. Eye
Jayne County – Everyone’s An Asshole But Me
Sweet – Wig Wam Bam
Stiv Bators – Swingin’ A-Go-Go
Pansy Division – On Any Other Day (<– and be glad I spared you all “Bill & Ted’s Homosexual Adventure”, because the last thing I need is somebody e-mailing me, telling me that they got fired for listening to this at work) The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again The Germs – Forming Vox Pop – Just Like Your Mom New York Dolls – Trash Cuddly Toys – You Keep Me Hangin’ On Raped – Moving Target Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Love Comes In Spurts Rocket From the Tombs – Sonic Reducer Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missle F1-11 T Rex – Funky London Childhood

[2009-12-21] It’s a Festivus Miracle!

I actually compiled this cast a couple of days ago so that I wouldn’t have to worry about selecting some Yultide Cheer at the last moment.


The Soulful Strings – The Little Drummer Boy
The Pipettes – White Christmas
James Brown – Merry Christmas, I Love You
Eartha Kitt – I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ For Christmas
The Del Vetts – I Want A Boy For Christmas
The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping
Eleanor Rigby – Kiss Me Quickly (It’s Christmas)
Danielle Dax – Blue Christmas
Dexys Midnight Runners – Merry Christmas Everybody
Marc Bolan – Christmas Bop
Shonen Knife – Space Christmas
The Jacobites – Teenage Christmas
The Kinks – Father Christmas
The Dead Milkmen – All I Want For Christmas Is a Job
Marc Almond – Christmas In Vegas
Klaus Nomi – Silent Night
Tiny Tim – The Christmas Song
Mae West – My New Year’s Resolution


Tired. Going to bed.


The Kinks – Dewdicated Follower of Fashion
Cyrkle – Penny Arcade
Donovan – Season of the Witch
The Beau Brummels – Laugh Laugh
Marc Almond & Gene Pitney – Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart
Fosca – The Agony Without the Ecstasy
Gavin Friday – Next
Jacques Brel – Jacky
David Bowie – Amsterdam
Gitane DeMone – Gloomy Sunday
Dali’s Car – Create & Melt
Japan – European Son
Jobriath – World Without End
Marc Bolan – Dandy In the Underworld

2009-08-17 — Ruadhan J McElroy: Wayward Ex-Goth

Well, monkeys (all three of you listening to this), I’ve got a new computer finally settled in, and so the Modcast is back, and to commerate this fact — and the fact that I’m now updating this on Mondays — I’ve made today’s cast a theme!  Whoo!

Yes, I’ve thrown mood and beatmatching out the window (and I say this as if I ever gave a shit before), to play some of my favourite spooky Mod (and Mod Friendly) songs and Goth covers of Mod (and Mod-friendly) songs, and a few punk covers thrown in, (cos I don’t even give a shit about the theme here) and whatever the hell Shakespeare’s Sister and Strawberry Switchblade are (cos I bloody well felt like it), cos damnit, I have all this music, and you’re just as bored as I am, so you’re going to give it a listen now, aren’t you?  Aren’t you?


Shakespeare’s Sister – “Black Sky”
Velvet Underground – “Beginning to See the Light”
Nico – “Roses In the Snow”
The Fall – “Mod Mock Goth”
Slade – “Raven”
Strawberry Switchblade – “Ecstasy (Apple of My Eye)”
The Zombies – “Time Of the Season”
Christine Pilzer – “Dracula”
The Vampires – “My Girl”
Sisters of Mercy – “1969”
Gina X Performance – “Harley Davidson”
Siouxie & the Banshees – “This Wheel’s On Fire”
Bauhaus – “Telegram Sam”
Patti Smith – “My Generation”
Jayne County – “Come On Down to My Boat Baby”
Nashville Pussy – “First I Look At the Purse”
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard – “Some Velvet Morning”
The Who – “Boris the Spider”

And before the off-chance that anybody comments, YES, I realise that I don’t have “Paint It Black” on there, because I only have it on vinyl, I am not wheeling my record player into my studio, slsk is not cooperating, and I’m impatient — so there you go.

ModCast Archive: 2006-07-24

OK, I know I promised something both yesterday and today, but in all seriousness, yesterday and today was filled up with me doing shit for my band — my actual band, the one I sing for. In fact, until my guitarist got here earlier today for practise, I thought it was still Wednesday.

Now, it turns out that I never actually cast this old archive, I just had the set-list jotted down and I came across it by accident. Yes, I suppose that in theory I could just go get my Direct Hits setlists from this summer and just arrange the music on here, but that would involve transcribing hand-written sets, and this shit is just C&P. I will resume my “twice-weekly until it’s all my archives and old sets are posted” schedule next week, when I pick up after the lag from my guitarist getting into the swing of things at uni.


The Olympians – Hopeless Endless Ways
The New Hearts – Another Teenage Anthem
The Purple Hearts (60’s, Australian) – Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones
The Damned – Morning Bird
Nino Ferrer – Mirza
The Loons – Stumble & Fall
The Ordinary Boys – Boys Will Be Boys
Nine Below Zero – Eleven Plus Eleven
Makin’ Time – Pump It Up
Franz Ferdinand – Get Up and Use Me
Rip Rig & Panic – Eros, What Brings Colour Up the Stem
Les Cappuccino – Green Onions
John’s Children – Just What You Want, Just What You’ll Get
Jacques Brel – Jacky