The Ad Game: Heineken “The Date”

Alright, the music on this one (“Jaan Pehechaan Ho” by Mohammed Rafi) feels a bit more “Jazz Age” (as in the 1920s) than “60s Modernist”, but the visuals and vague “plot” in this installation of Heineken’s series with bands feels very Casino Royale and farcical. It was definitely storyboarded and directed by someone who has a genuine love of the famous Bond parody, and the more Absurdist qualities of the canon Bond films, as well as other mid-to-late 1960s farces. For this reason alone, I find it superior to The Entrance and The Switch, which feel far more general as an homage to a style and genre rather than a clear send-up of something more specific.

This one even has a “making of” short, available on the HeinekenUSA YouTube: