[Modcast 2013-10-14] Songs Without Moustaches


Lee Hazlewood – “You Look Like a Lady”
Tom Jones – “Stop Breakin’ My Heart”
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Gold Rush Part 1 / Dollars In the Night / Gold Rush Part 2″
Thee Mighty Caesars – “69 Seconds”
Television Personalities – “I Was a Mod Before You Was a Mod”
Otis Spann – “I’m Ready”
Liz Brady – “Palladium”
Cal Tjader – “Soul Motion”
The Ups and Downs – “In the Shadows”
The Jetset – “The Man Who Lives Upstairs”
Long Tall Shorty – “Falling For You”
Neils Children – “Get Away From Me, Now”
The Chantalles – “I Want That Boy”
Booker T & the MG’s – “Hang ‘Em High”
Manual Scan – “New Difference”
Makin’ Time = “Honey (Fast version)”
Jacques Dutronc – “les Cactus”
Style Council – “The Whole Point of No Return”
Tom Waits – “More Than Rain”

I know what you’re thinking and nope, sorry, Hazlewood released the album that one is on after demoustaching. I know, I know, it seems wrong to me, too, Lee hazlewood without a mustache, but it happened and we don’t talk about it.

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Modcast for 20 May 2013

Hey! Back up to two weeks in a row —seasonal depression is a cruel and merciless mistress, and even more so in Michigan, where any given year, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the Horae will just skip Spring altogether. But I’m back, serving you up another weekly dose of freeform Mod radio from my attic.


The Supremes – “Reflections”
? & the Mysterians – “Hangin On a String”
Gloria Jones – “Finders Keepers”
The Untamed – “Gimmie Gimmie Some Shade”
Amy Rigby – “20 Questions”
Timebox – “Country Dan & City Lil”
The Cyrkle – “Squeeze Play”
Tyrannosaurus Rex – “Cat Black”
Joya Landis – “Angel of the Morning”
The Laughing Clowns – “Year of the Bloated Goat”
The VIP’s – “Straight Down to the Bottom”
Manuela und Drafi – “Take It Easy”
Pizzicato 5 – “Magic Twin Candle Tale”
Elton Motello – “Pipe Line”
The New Hearts – “True Love”
The Prisoners – “The Last Thing On Your Mind”

[2013-03-04] Modcast


Anita Lane – “The Next Man That I See” (2001, Sex O’Clock)
Holly Golightly – “Hold On” (1998, The Good Things)
Giddle Partridge – “Gringo Like Me” (2012, ReverbNation)
Nancy & Lee – “Paris Summer” (1989, Fairy Tales & Fantasies, the Best of Nancy & Lee)
The Kinks – “Wicked Anabella” (1968, Village Green Preservation Society)
The Passengers with Angie Pepper – “Face With No Name” (1979, The Passengers)
The Photos – “Maxine” (1981?, The Photos)
Dee Walker – “Dial ‘L’ for Love” (1985, Dial “L” for Love)
Cilla Black – “Shy of Love” (1997, The Abbey Road Decade 1963-1973)
Cat Stevens – “Here Comes My Wife” (1989, First Cuts)

Hoping you’ve guessed this week’s hastily cobbled-together theme. In case you need some help, let’s watch:

Tot Taylor – “I Wanna Play the Drums Tonight”

Virna Lindt – “Model Agent”

[Modcast 2012-07-09]


Cynthia Scott – “The X-Boy”
The French Impressionists – “Pick Up the Rhythm”
Kid Creole & the Coconuts – “I Do Believe”
Swamp Children – “El Figaro”
Tot Taylor – “Offbeat”
Cristina – “Smile”
Lizzy Parks – “Soul Bird”
Claudia Brücken – “Thank You”
Floyd – “The Seal Song”


I’m looking for people for a one-time Modcast / talk radio recording! The topic for the planned podcast is current Mods who came to it from other subcultures —so former punks, skinheads, goths, etc…, so long as you now consider yourself predominantly Mod. Please use the contact form on the blog. You also WILL NEED Skype and a working microphone for your computer. Please pass this notice around to others!

Thoughts whilst re-sorting my slsk folder

I have a periodic compulsion to just re-arrange the music in my slsk sharefolder. My music in hardcopy rarely gets sorted and re-sorted. My music in hardcopy is sorted first by format: CD or LP —and as loathe as many Mod and Skinhead DJs are to admit, I have a lot of CDs, and one of the reasons I still buy CDs, even when new releases on vinyl are in abundance is because I’m a DJ, and I’ve lost more vinyl at DJ gigs than i’ve ever lost CDs, and yes, even 12″s somehow are not immune to growing legs and walking off…, cos nobody ever nicks things off the DJ! Seriously, ask me why I keep a lock on my records, now. After format, my hardcopy music is mainly sorted by whether or not it’s something I’ll DJ with at a Mod night, simply because my previous experiences with Mod night DJing is mainly getting informed at the last minute that one of the other DJs is ill or working a sudden double shift and “hey, Ruadhán, we need you to substitute”. My music folder on my computer, is another story.

Because I don’t DJ from my hard-drive (I’m unopposed to the idea of doing so, but it just means I have less opportunity to show off my records), I don’t necessarily have to worry about keeping things sorted, and most people on slsk, in my experiences, even in the Mods 60s-Now chatroom, just have their folders arranged alphabetically, but band/artist, and only a few freaks, myself included, will sort things be scene and/or genre —and those of us who do tend toward that habit are usually people (self included) with pretty sizeable music collections.

I’m not the biggest fan of mp3 format, but I eventually resigned to it because I’m broke and it is cheap. Now, give me some credit here, I do still buy hardcopy formats, and in all honesty, proportionate to my income, I think I’m buying more hardcopy music in this last five years than I ever previously had in my adult life. Clearly, I don’t believe that mp3 format in and of itself is a “killer of hardcopy” —after all, it was after mp3 format really took off that new releases on vinyl began resurfacing, and most of the hardcopy music I’ve purchased in the last year alone has been new releases. Still, mp3 format has its uses, and it certainly saves me wear-and-tear on my vinyl and the stylus of my record player, and the portability (given proper listening equipment, of course) is unbeatable. Regardless of my lacking fondness for mp3 as a format, my fandom of music in general has ultimately won out, and of the top ten regulars in the slsk Mods chatroom, My collection of mp3s is usually among the top three, in numbers of files alone.

Every few months, I get a bug up my arse to re-arrange things. Damned if I ever am completely sure as to why. Sometimes, it’s because I realised that there were one or two artists I just lumped in with x-subgenre, even though they’re better described as y-subgenre, and after a while, I ended up with more y, so I’ll eventually give y its own folder. Sometimes, I just get bored and move shit around to see if it works better. Sometimes, I just want to fuck around with people on slsk. So, OK, maybe I do have an idea why, it’s just rarely the same reason why.

It also occurred to me that, compared to other Mods, I listen to a lot of “pop music”. Of course, this is a bit of a misnomer, as a lot of Mod favourites are not as obscure as some would make them out to seem, and at least half of the songs I can think of off the top of my head have been compiled and released on some box set or another at least a few times over, on both sides of the Atlantic. Furthermore, the habit of many Mods to disparage the Revival scene as “commercial pop music”, especially when most people who do so are fans of the Tamla-Motown and Stax staples is a bit of an underhanded shorthand of saying “my pop music is superior to your pop music”. To be quite frank, “Mod music” has been “commercialised pop” since about 1962 (just prior the launch of Ready! Steady! Go!) and Mod has not exactly been an obscure underground scene since Mods listened almost exclusively to Modern Jazz (the scene described by Colin MacInnes’ London Trilogy, especially in Absolute Beginners).

And in all honesty, I really love the music I listen to, and that’s what’s most important.

Furthermore, I don’t care what anybody says, Kid Creole is going in the “Ska, Reggae, Latin, & Funk” sub-folder of the “Mod & Skinhead” directory. No, really, there’s no-where else that would fit (they’re not Ska or Reggae, but more like a Funk that’s been steeped in Caribbean and South American pop), and they’re fupping amazing, even still:

…and really, can you argue they’re inclusion alongside The Specials after hearing that?

Virna Lindt


The release of Virna Lindt’s “Attention Stockholm” single in May 1981 marked the official beginning of the retro-lounge movement in the UK and Europe. Taking its cue from Bernard Hermann’s soundtracks for Alfred Hitchcock, John Barry’s Bond exploits and TV series like The Persuaders and The Prisoner, Attention Stockholm managed to weave together the twangy guitars of surf-punk, the lush strings of Hollywood and the musique-concrete of Pierre Boulez and John Cage within a heavily-compressed synthetic beat which captured the imagination of teenage record fans from Camden to Kawasaki. The story of a secret agent who disappeared while on a mission to save the world, the record was not so much sung as ‘spoken’. The speaker being twenty year old Virna Lindt, a Swedish translation student who was at the time working for two of the world’s largest news agencies and, as it turned out later, in an indirect way, the secret services of at least two nations.

While on a train bound for London, Lindt met songwriter and record producer Tot Taylor and told him of her plan to make a record like “a Hitchcock theme with a rock n’ roll beat.” Thus, the urgent-sounding 45, recorded live in Stockholm in just three hours with a very large ad-hoc orchestra became the first record on Taylor’s Compact Organization label, along with two other debut releases by Mari Wilson (‘Miss Beehive’) and the early funk/hip-hop collective Shake/Shake.

Within the month, “Attention Stockholm” was on top of the indie chart, had become a Smash Hits Single of the Week and a Time Out Pick of the Week – great accolades of the time. The initial pressing of three thousand was sold out within the first month of release and an album, Shiver, was already in production. Lindt was interviewed in every music magazine, as well as features in The Times and The Guardian, and an appearance on UK TV on Tyne Tees iconic The Tube, deciding not to promote her indie hit but the more dance-orientated but still avant-garde “Wild Strawberries” – the title taken from the Ingmar Bergman film.

Compact, run from a small bedsit in Queen’s Wood, North London, became a more stylish and stylised alternative to the ‘photo-copied’ ethos of the labels making up the post-punk Independent boom. Along with Tony Wilson’s Factory and Michael Zilkha’s Ze from New York, The Compact Organization offered an alternative to the alternative. Where most bands of the period were happy to tour with a shambolic knockabout performance of hydrogen-fuelled punk, Compact gigs – presented as packages with Mari Wilson, Shake/Shake, The Beautiful Americans and Miss Cynthia Scott – came across as a cinematic mix of Sunday Night at the London Palladium, Studio 54 on a rainy night and a smalltown beauty pageant.

I can’t believe I went as many years as I had without Virna Lindt, but thanks to Last.FM, I am free of a Lindt-free prison encaging me in my own ignorance.

[2010-03-08] Idols

I like when I have a theme, and yesterday, I came up with a great theme — my idols. By that, i mean the musicians who have shaped my life and my creative process in certain ways that I can see, even when others can’t.

This, of course, implies “favourite artists of all time, ever”, but doesn’t necessarily imply “current top-X favourites” — nor does it imply that these are my favourite songs by these artists, as concern for time (I try to keep these casts under an hour) and flow/matching (not necessarily “beatmatching” — I’m also sure those of you who are well up on your muso trivia as I am have caught that I’ll make little in-jokes with song order, some jokes more obvious than others, I’m sure). For example, I tend not to listen to so much Queen these days, as I can get fairly weepy (having your favourite person in the world die when you’re ten can affect you), and even so, I rarely listen to “God Save the Queen” — but making it a closer to an opening of “Star-Spangled Bologna” just struck me as incredibly amusing.

[right-click here to download]

The Evolution Control Committee – The Star Spangled Bologna
Marc Bolan – Dandy In the Underworld
Daucus Karota – Raw Power
Iggy & The Stooges – Gimmie Danger
Gavin Friday – Man of Misfortune
DEVO – Be Stiff
Dexys Midnight Runners – Soul Finger
Rufus Wainwright – Greek Song
Danielle Dax – Fizzing Human Bomb
Japan – Talking Drum
The Who – Armenia City In the Sky
Cat Stevens – Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)
David Bowie – London Bye Ta-Ta
Secret Affair – Only Madmen Laugh
Prince & the Revolution – America
Marc Almond – Brilliant Creatures
Queen – God Save the Queen

[2010-02-22] Because Some Mornings Pizzicato Five is Better Than Coffee

If you missed me this month, I apologise. I seriously contemplated putting together a Valentine’s Day music cast, but most of this month, I’ve been struggling with allergies and other tasty shit, and while I did manage to get myself out of the apartment for Saturday, 13 February for Bloody Valentine’s Day at The Elbow Room, I wound up leaving earlier than my friends because even though it’s my apartment that I’m allergic to (or more accurately, something *in* said — I have tests coming up to determine what, but I’ve still made better cleaning efforts in the meantime), allergies can be exhausting.

This week, I start on a quirky downbeat and then immediately switch tones with some upbeat poppy stuff, because I’ve discovered that while I’m feeling like absolute hell, perky upbeat music actually has a sort of placebo effect on my mood. It doesn’t make everything completely better, but it helps some and I’m able to get things done.

download link

Dusty Springfield – The Windmills of Your Mind
Christian Death – Haloes
QYPTHONE – Monturno No 5
The Revillos – Motorbike Beat
Stereo Total – Comme Un Garcon
Jet – Nothing To Do With Us
The Plastics – Top Secret Man
Mari Wilson – Ecstasy
Style Council – A Solid Bond In Your Heart
Blondie – Dreaming
The Moderns – Got To Have Pop
The Direct Hits – Soul Shoes
The Mo-Dettes – White Mouse Disco
Flamin’ Groovies – Shgake Some Action
Giddle & Boyd – Going Steady with Peggy Moffitt
Pizzicato Five – Goodbye Baby and Amen