(In order of appearance)

First appearing in New Dance
Gary “Gaz” Donaghue: Born 1955. Gaz is the youngest of three children, born fifteen minutes after his twin sister Lillian. He’s a female-to-male transsexual whose surgical transition completed in 1977. At the current point in the stories, he works at a record shop and is editor-in-cheif of a popular Mod fanzine.

Abagall Donaghue: Gaz’s mother.

Alice Reagan: Gaz’s best friend since age 14. She’s not only beautiful and witty, she has impeccable taste in music and has been DJ at Back Street since 1974.

Steven Riordhan: Alice’s ex-boyfriend, but they’re genuinely still friends. He plays guitar for The Street Urchins.

Dierdre Cavanaugh: Gaz’s classmate from university, and Alice’s closest girl friend and room-mate in a small house. A fashion designer with a minor in British Literature.

Dougan Hanvey: Steven’s best friend, since childhood. His father was a dockworker from Barbados, and his mother was sixteen at his birth. He’s the talented organ player and leader of The Street Urchins.

Henri “Nino” Mitropoulos: Born in London to a Greek tailor father, and a Franco-Italian accountant mother. As of New Dance, he’s the youngest of the lead and supporting cast of friends and the drummer for The Street Urchins.

Jason “Jace” Hanvey: The youngest of the Hanvey children, he’s technically uncle to Dougan. The spitting image of James Dean, he came out as gay when he was twenty-six.

Eliza Sullivan-Morrison:

Katerine Hanvey:

“Old Ruth” Hanvey:

Owain Shaunnessey:

Spiros Mitropoulos:

Marie Monfa-Mitropoulos:

First appearing in Let Your Heart Dance
Colin Gow: Briefly a Ted, by 1958 he’d morphed thoroughly into a Ton Up Boy, or Rocker. He’s a sweet boy who loves Buddy Holly, his Indian motorbike, and his grandmother, who is a vaguely pagan suffragette from Aberdeen. He also has a weakness for skinny boys in skinnier suits.

Devin Claypool:

Brian Loper: Briefly mentioned by Marie in New Dance, he’s an old friend of Spiros’ who fancies himself to be the inspiration for The Fabulous Hoplite in MacInnes’ novella, Absolute Beginners, though Spiros and Marie (as well as his on-again/off-again lover, Joseph) know that he’s probably never even said “excuse me” to MacInnes on his way to the bar at the clubs.

“Sean Lorna” Gow:

Joseph Saunders:

First Appearing in Peacocks & Fairies:
Margaid “Paaie” Quirk: Despite an IQ that would rival most physicists, she quit her A-levels and took up hair-dressing. She was part of the new Romantic scene until Henri befriended her and bought her some new records.

Stuart Morrison:

Selema Bulsara:

Dubhán Connaleig: An old friend of Nino’s who miraculously survived a freak brain cancer at the age of fifteen. He’s a bit of a fairy, to say the least.

Rhys Hullin:

In other forthcoming stories:
Valentino Lumley: An Australian swampie from Brisbane, QLD. Bassist, singer, and bandleader of City Lights.

Medea Lumley: Valentino’s older sister by about two years. Violinist and co-leader of City Lights.

Evangeline Lumley: Mother of Valentino and Medea. She’s a devotee of polyamoury and practises witchcraft.