Compilation CD-Rs

Here’s a track listings of CD-R that I’ve given out with copies of New Dance at events. Forthcoming CD-Rs will accompany forthcoming books, and with each new book, assume previous CD-Rs have been retired, as I will only bring the current CD-Rs to events.

If you’re a musician who was featured on a CD-R: I do not now, and never will sell these CD-Rs. I sell the books, which are all my own material, and I give the discs to people as a gift for purchasing my book at an event where I’m selling it. I pay to attend or vend at these events, with my only financial gain coming from selling my books and badges. I offer this gift because certain songs influenced certain scenes or characters, and I hope that it can enhance the reading for some people in addition to exposing music to people who might not have heard it before. Hell, I’m sure if I did the maths, these CD-Rs cost me more to put together than a majority of book royalty earned from a single event. It’s a labour of love, and a good faith effort to share music that has inspired me with others. As an offering, if you are a musician featured on one of my CD-R compilations, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary copy of the book you helped inspire me to write. ☺


    New Dance: 15 Mod & Revival Hits & Misses selected by DJ RJ

  1. R Dean Taylor – “Back Street”
  2. The Monochrome Set – “The Jet Set Junta”
  3. Dexys Midnight Runners – “There There My Dear”
  4. David Bowie – “D.J.”
  5. Secret Affair – “What Did You Expect?”
  6. The Fall – “Just Step S’ways”
  7. Julie Driscoll w/ Brian Auger & the Trinity – “Back at the Chicken Shack”
  8. Mari Wilson – “Let Me Dream”
  9. The Specials – “Nite Klub”
  10. Japan – “I Second That Emotion”
  11. Twiggy – “Beautiful Dreams”
  12. Rip Rig + Panic – “Eros, What Brings Colour Up the Stem”
  13. Makin’ Time – “Nothing Else”
  14. The Jam – “Absolute Beginners”
  15. Purple Hearts – “Can’t Help Thinking About Me”
  16. John’s Children – “Just What You Want, Just What You’ll Get”

These were burned to Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-Rs, which are made to resemble a black vinyl record on the top surface, which is not read by the CD player. The first round of twenty or so did not get a custom printed label, but instead I hand-wrote “NEW DANCE comp” or “NEW DANCE sndtrk” in the center area that has a few lines for content identification. The tray cards were also printed on unperforated cardstock and hand-cute, because the “downloadable template” the instruction sheet in the packet of perforated printable tray cards didn’t actually fit the tray cards. Later printings still have hand-cut tray cards, but feature the first version of the Naked Civil Servant label on the disc.

    Let Your Heart Dance: (00) Modernist Jazz selections and Teddy & Ton-Up Boy rockers selected by DJ RJ

  1. track list forthcoming

Will be burned to Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-Rs and feature the Naked Civil Servant label.